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Home Repair in Chicago

Without a strong foundation, your property has limited support. A structural defect in your foundation support can cause many issues, not limited to sloping floors, doors and windows that do not work properly and broken joists.

Foundation repair and maintenance should be addressed at the early stages of distress to mitigate future repair costs and protect your investment.

By improving and maintaining the structural integrity of your building, your property value will be maintained, and you will not have to deal with additional home repairs for your Chicago area property that will be needed when the structure continues to settle.

Atlas Restoration is the most experienced Chicago area home and foundation repair specialist. Don't let your foundation problems cause more problems for your property.

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For over 40 years, Atlas Restoration has performed foundation repair and waterproofing services throughout the Chicago and Midwest area, as well as warehouse slab repair across the United States.

Our staff is carefully chosen and highly trained. All our employees take care of and respect your property while working on your project. We offer custom, job-specific Chicago area home repair and restoration projects that are completed on time and on budget.

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