Rim Joist Repair

The area where the floor and foundation meet have a higher chance of taking in moisture. Occasionally, the rim joist is installed too close to the interior framing or the wood not treated prior to installation. Moisture can penetrate, attack, and rot the rim joist, causing substantial structural damage. The rim joists are attached perpendicular to the floor and provide lateral support for the borders.

Repair Rim Joists Correctly

Rim joist repair is complex, and highly-specialized work. It involves having the proper experience and appropriate tools to get the job done correctly. Our technicians at Atlas Restoration have the skills required to provide a permanent repair.

Too many service providers just apply temporary solutions.

Failure to address rotted or damaged rim joists can cause substantial problems for your property. Call the experts at Atlas Restoration today at 847-415-9600 to learn more about our rim joist repair process.