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With over 40 years in the geotechnical contracting industry, Atlas Restoration has established a collection of project specifications to successfully assist in the development of a residential or commercial project. All our specifications represent a broad scope of work for both underpinning and new construction, including:

Our staff utilizes the chance pile systems and presents a preliminary design service that helps select the right piling system for your unique commercial project. The preliminary design includes the chance helicap software printout. This document helps select the materials for the project and calculates the torque required for proper installation. In addition, we will perform load tests for pile systems as needed.

Atlas Restoration is a certified installer of A.B. Chance Helical Piers, Atlas Resistance Piers, carbon fiber, crack injection systems, and hydraway drainage systems. We have partnered with Intech Anchoring Systems to guarantee products are available and delivered on time to your business.

Literature and Sources

  • AB Chance HeliCAP® Helical Capacity Design Software
  • AB Chance Civil Construction Technical Design Manual

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Atlas Resistance® Product Sample Specifications

Chance Helical® Product Sample Specifications