Repair or Replace Your Drywall

Have you noticed problems such as cracks, holes, nail pops, cracked seams within your drywall? There are several reasons this could happen, some of which could indicate larger issues.

The staff at Atlas Restoration is here to assess the problem and present you with reliable solutions. We offer the services needed to repair or replace your drywall. Some common causes for drywall damage include:

  • Changes in humidity
  • Furniture scuffs
  • Tile removal damage
  • Water damage
  • Deeply-rooted structural problems

Cracks and Water Damage

If your foundation begins to sink, called differential settlement, framing, and drywall or plaster above the foundation will either drop lower with the foundation or separate from its attachment. Since drywall is a very rigid material, it cannot bend or sag like floor joists. As a result, it will crack to release the pressure from the foundation movement.

Water damage can also produce severe damage to your drywall. Our team is equipped with the latest technologies to fix the underlying problem.

If you notice problems occurring with your drywall, it’s time to contact the specialists at Atlas Restoration. Call us today at 847-415-9600 to receive your free consultation.