Sill Plate Replacement

Sill plate replacement can be an understated home improvement need because homeowners do not generally take the time to assess other parts of their home beside the base structure, but sill plates are just as susceptible to termite infestation and rotted wood. The sill plate is the bottom, horizontal piece of a frame that is typically referred to simply as a sill.

Sill plates are usually made of lumber but can be composed of any material. Timber sill plates installed in homes built prior to the 1990s tend to be untreated and are more likely to have wood rot or termite problems. Sill plates are anchored to floors, typically bolted to the concrete subfloor but sometimes they have to be installed differently, based on how the house was built.

Atlas Restoration is your go-to sill plate replacement team for rotted and termite-infested sills. We can also help you beat the pests and replace untreated sills before they cause problems. Our expert team will come to your home for a free consultation and detailed written evaluation and estimate. Then they will measure your sill plates to ensure a correct fit and replace the sill plates with the best pressure treated lumber. After that, you can rest easy knowing that your home in protected against pests and harsh weather for years to come.