Lowering Existing Basement

Many older buildings have basements that were designed for storage, sinks, and utilities including furnaces, water heaters, and breaker panels. Often times, these basements don’t have the necessary headroom to comfortably use the space as a livable area.

Increase of Property Value

When you increase the ceiling height to 8’ from the bottom of the floor joists to the top of the floor slab, you increase your property’s total value. This can be a great feature if you’re looking to redesign your property for your use or put it on the market with higher resale value.

Our team at Atlas Restoration can increase your basement’s height by an additional 12 inches to 36 inches with cost efficient pricing.

Using the Right Method

If you want to add more height to your basement, our crews can increase the headspace in just a few steps. Our procedure involves:

  • Remove the existing floors
  • Excavate material below to the desired elevation
  • Place a waterproof lining on the lower basement walls
  • Insert drain tile
  • Pour concrete curb around the perimeter
  • Install compacted stone, Visqueen liner, and wire mesh
  • Pour new concrete floor

No matter the reason for transforming your basement, lowering your existing basement can be the perfect solution. Call the experts at Atlas Restoration today to learn more about our process at 847-415-9600.