Prevent Your Floors from Sinking

Sinking floors in your home can be an early sign that there are problems with your foundation or framing elements. There can be several causes that would lead to sinking floors. A proper condition survey is critical in determining the cause of the problem and essential to properly design the repair. We engage independent licensed structural engineers to provide evaluation and stamped drawings for all structural repairs.

Causes of Sinking Floors

Some common causes of sinking floors included deterioration, inadequate structure, and settlement.

  • Deterioration: Rotting wood or rusting steel columns can be a large concern for property owners. Signs that deterioration is occurring include:
    • Uneven floors
    • Cracks in drywall
    • Doors and windows sticking
  • Inadequate structural support
    • Rotting wood columns due to high moisture
    • Beams that are undersized or cracked /checking.
    • Existing stone or concrete columns that are defective or undersized
    • Beam pockets that cannot support the weight of the beam
    • Joists that are undersized for span width

Settlement: Soil underneath your foundation can become unstable providing inadequate support for your building. This causes floor joists to become uneven and unstable.

Repair Your Sinking Floors

The team at Atlas Restoration has the perfect method for fixing your sinking floors. Our process includes:

  • A wood beam is temporarily shored to reduce the weight existing column locations
  • The floor is pushed back up using a series of hydraulic jacks
  • Columns are removed
  • New reinforced concrete footings are formed
  • Reinforcing steel is installed
  • New Concrete Footing is placed
  • 3 1/2” 40 steel columns are installed and adjusted to the appropriate height
  • Temporary shoring is removed, and the work site is thoroughly cleaned

Our experts at Atlas Restoration have the tools and experience to repair your sinking floor. We will work to make sure your floors are safe for everyone in your home

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